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Anderson's Corner

The purpose of the Connally Cadet Athletic Program is to do more than provide competition between two individuals and/or schools.  It is to teach fair play, sportsmanship, the understanding and appreciation of teamwork, the teaching of discipline, and that to quit means failure and hard work means eventual success.  We will be successful in this process by following this “blueprint” below:

  • Ensure that all student-athletes get the best education possible.

  • Instill good habits, sound morals, exemplary citizenship, and a high standard of sportsmanship

  • Encourage students to grow physically, mentally, morally, and socially.

  • Instill an appreciation for optimum health and physical fitness

  • Develop all programs in such a manner that the end result will be one of unity, harmony, and success. 

  • Instill in all athletes the desire to represent their school and community in a manner that will make school administrators, teachers, parents and our community proud of them.


Our coaching philosophy includes treating players like they are our own, developing family and team first mentality, making every player feel like they are important and coaching with positive energy and enthusiasm.

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